Danielle Bois

My name’s Danielle Bois: Mother of two and Northern Ontario native. Although, after a decade of living here in Kincardine, I consider myself a Kincardinite. I like unlikely flavour combinations, cheese, and red wine. I get giddy over a microplane and a sharp knife (or a new kitchen broom). I feel that dark chocolate should only be eaten from the freezer and that ranch is the superior of condiments. A good cup of coffee, fun music and a kitchen full of possibilities is all I need to get the day started. I believe in quality over quantity and will go the extra mile to ensure that what is presented to you is what I’d want to be served. After years of schooling, apprenticeships, and working the line, I knew it was time to branch out on my own and Watercress Bistro was a perfect fit.

About Watercress

Over the years, Watercress Bistro has had an excellent reputation in Kincardine and I’m looking to maintain that level of quality for years to come. Fresh and healthy food combinations, as well as daily specials, fresh baked goods and desserts keep the creativity train rolling in the kitchen. We offer breakfast and lunch options and a wide variety of baked goods and coffees. So come join us for breakfast or lunch, or just to say hi at 829 Queen Street, here in Kincardine. We’ll do our best to make you feel at home, as this town has welcomed me not so long ago.


We do our best to keep our inventory local, homemade and unique. Reducing our carbon footprint is an ongoing process and food waste is a struggle we don’t take lightly.